Perfume Pagoda And Hoa Lu - Phat Diem -Tam Coc Tour - Trip Hanoi

Perfume Pagoda And Hoa Lu - Phat Diem -Tam Coc Tour

Private tour, discovering the perfume pagoda - "the most beautiful cave in the Southern sky" Hoa Lu ancient capital of vietnam,  and unique church that were built by green stone, sightseeing the peaceful countryside of Vietnam. Discovering dry halong bay Vietnam with rowing boat a long the rice paddies and through many caves and visiting one of ancient citadel in Vietnam.

Day 1: Hanoi - Perfume Pagoda (L, D)

08h00: Our car will come to pick up you at your hotel, depart 1,5-hour road trip (75 km) along the green fields and villages to come to Perfume pagoda.

09h00: On arrival " Ben Duc" wharf, get a Vietnamese conical hat, get on boat then gliding along scenic waterway. On the way ,visit "Den Trinh Ngu Nhac" - temple for informing of  arrival. After that, boat continues the stream to the big mountain. Walk up mountain paths, visit Huong Tich Main cave and complex of pagoda & temple.

12h00: have lunch in the restaurant on the mountain.

13h30: Downhill, visit Thien Tru pagoda which architectures dated back to 15th century.

14h30: Boat trip back to " Ben Duc" wharf.

16h00: Take the bus to Ninh Binh City. Have dinner and overnight in Ninh Binh.

Day 2: Hoa Lu - Tam Coc  - Hanoi (B, L)

8:00am We will start visit Hoa Lu Ancient Capital. In 968, Dinh Bo Linh declared himself as the King. Since then Hoa Lu existed as the capital for the next 41 years (968 – 1009), of which 12 years was under the Dinh dynasty – King Dinh Tien Hoang, the country named Dai Co Viet, and 29 years later was under the Le dynasty – King Le Dai Hanh. In 1010, King Ly Thai To moved the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long – present day Hanoi. Hoa Lu became the old citadel. In Hoa Lu there are now 2 temples have been built on the ground of the old royal palace, one is dedicated to King Dinh Tien Hoang, the other is to King Le Dai Hanh. The visit offers a chance to know more about part of feudal dynasties and historical periods in Vietnamese history.

9:30am leave Hoa Lu to Phat Diem Cathedral Church. This is one of the most beautiful and unique cathedral in Vietnam, it become the center of Catholicism in north Vietnam.

After that drive in 30 minutes move to Tam Coc grottoes. Arrive Tam Coc at around 12:00am. Having lunch in Tam Coc in a local restaurant and enjoy lunch served with goat meat which is famous as the local specialty .

1:30pm, 5 minute-walk to the boat station and start the 2hour-boat trip to visit Tam Coc. Known as "Halong Bay on land", Tam Coc are three limestone caves stretching along Ngo Dong river. The boat trip is a nice journey along the river with peaceful scenery of limestone mountains, rice paddy and the site of some temples along the way from Hang Ca (first cave) to Hang Hai (second cave) and Hang Ba (third cave).

4:00pm leave Tam Coc and drive back to Hanoi. Arrive Hanoi at 6:30pm. Finish unforgettable full day trip at your hotel in Hanoi!

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Perfume Pagoda And Hoa Lu - Phat Diem -Tam Coc Tour - Trip Hanoi[ Perfume Pagoda And Hoa Lu - Phat Diem -Tam Coc Tour  - Trip Hanoi
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Perfume Pagoda And Hoa Lu - Phat Diem -Tam Coc Tour - Trip Hanoi

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